Hello, world!

We are ARUBY Games, an Indie Game Studio based in Jakarta that wholeheartedly produces high-quality mobile games.
We are all started with some boys in their high school with a dream of making games.
We're good on making games, but not-so-good on making this website.

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Post Inc.
Post Inc: Idle Clicker Expedition

You just resigned from your recent job, and decided to pursue your own dream with your saving; to open a Post Office. you won't be alone, because a savvy post office tycoon Emily will help you going through your way. Let's execute it, Boss!

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Wanderfish - Hunt and shoot Fish!

Become a fish and hunt fish! explore the vast ocean, unlocks various places, and protect the ocean by beating the bad-bosses. All of them is beautifully packed in this Action-Adventure Game.

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Pino Penguin Jump
Pino Penguin Jump - Top down Arcade Game

Help Pino to save his Penguin Friend that gets abducted by evil alien in antartica! Pino Penguin rescue his friends who gets abducted by evil octopus alien! while avoiding bombs and eat all the fishes to earn more gold coins. Buy some powerups at the store to help you through along :)

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Jl. Mustika Ratu, Ciracas
East Jakarta
: [email protected]